History Told On Walls: The Royal Bas-Reliefs of Abomey


A look at the GCI’s project (1992-1997) to systematically document and preserve the polychrome earthen panels (bas-reliefs) at the Royal Palace Museum in Benin, which depict battle scenes and allegorical symbols of the power of the kings of Dahomey. The project also provided local staff with training in conservation, photo documentation, and long-term care of the bas-reliefs.

Length: 5MINS
Year: 1996
Format: VIDEO, Color
Country: USA
Director: Pedro Pablo Celedón
Executive Producers: Miguel Ángel Corzo
Associate Producer: Pia Dominguez
Camera: Dwayne Rude
Sound: Auriel Ziegler
Music: Stanley Clark
Editing: Pedro Pedro Celedón


Portfolio Categories: Recent.